We are dedicated

"We are dedicated to providing healthcare and health education to indigent patients in the Philippines, Hawaii, and other countries. We are committed to providing outstanding medical, surgical and dental services so that no patient is denied treatment because of financial, social, or political circumstance." This is our MISSION

About Us


sdThe PMAH Ohana Medical Missions, Inc. was incorporated in 2009 with the following incorporators: May Ablan, MD, Elenita Alvarez, MD, Glorifin Belmonte, MD, Celia Ona, MD, Fernando Ona, MD, Alberto Santos-Ocampo, MD and Arnold Villafuerte, MD  with Fernando Ona as interim president.

The elections of 2010 voted to the board Erlinda Cachola, MD,  Glorifin Belmonte, MD, Elizabeth Abinsay, MD, Danilo Ablan, MD and Charlie Sonido, MD for a three-year term and Elenita Alvarez, MD, Efren Baria, MD, Jose DeLeon. MD, Arnold Villafuerte, MD for a  two-year term. The officers were Elenita Alvarez, MD - president,  Erlinda Cachola, MD, Vice President, Glorifin Belmonte, MD –Secretary and Elizabeth Abinsay, MD –Treasurer.  May Ablan, MD sat on the board as president of PMAH.

In 2011, the board re-elected Elenita Alvarez, MD and Erlinda Cachola, MD as president and vice president respectively and Jose De Leon, MD, secretary and Arnold Villafuerte, MD, treasurer.

In 2012, Russell Kelly, MD became president and Alberto Santos-Ocampo, secretary. Roland Ylarde, MD was treasurer for three months after Dr. Villafuerte became president of PMAH.  Bruce Kessel, MD  replaced Dr. Ylarde. V-P Cachola was acting treasurer until Amy Jacang, MD agreed to be a filler-treasurer until next election time.